Monday, January 25, 2010


I am making best use of my newly-found freedom- freedom from depressing Delhi weather, freedom from need to stay indoors in a clustrophobic setting that they call apartments, freedom from fake smiles of people after you wave at them and last but not the least, freedom from that famous excuse called "big city life" to justify everything that is un-emotional........... To cut it short, I am at my home in Dehradun and I am fully self expressive- nothing can stop me from running from one corner of house to other or from playing with the mud or from plucking leaves and flowers from the garden or from rolling on the grass, or from jumping off the stairs or from lying on the concrete floor in my bid to look at the road through the space that separates ground from the gate's bottom.......Actually, credit should go to my elders as they have chosen not to put any restrictions on my movements.......My Rudra bhai is steadfastly giving me company or is my partner-in-crime.....Did I say crime?????? But who says it is criminal to enjoy your childhood as you should be enjoying.....I don't think that way....Rather, it is criminal for everyone else to make us do things that is anything but part of growing up as a child..... We hear "no" every minute- Don't go there....Don't do this......Don't touch that......Don't lay there......Don't...don't...don't.......basically, everything starts with "don't".......But, not anymore these days!

So, I am enjoying my newly gained freedom and I am enjoying it fully as I know it won't last longer- we are going back to Gurgaon tomorrow!

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