Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

............ as she celebrates her 35th birthday today; wow that’s a lot when compared to 1 year and two months.

Unlike last year , this birthday is bit different for two reasons. Firstly, we are not in Dehradun and secondly, I am older enough to participate in the celebrations and make some sense out of it- last year I couldn’t.

My mom has already started working on her annual list of birthday wishers- my dadee was the first one to call followed by Sunil mama, Anil mama, Mamta mausi, Renu bua and family and Bela aunty (my mom’s best friend)…Sandeep chacha and Pallavi Chachee wished her in advance. But, what surprised her most was the flower bouquet that arrived on our doorstep at 12 in the midnight- thanks to the delivery boy who took pains to deliver in that extreme cold. Well, my papa had ordered this for my mom and it was a “first” from him in last 8 years of their knowing each other- which proves that people do change, albeit took him 8 years to change. Since, I wasn’t up at that time; my papa decided to click a picture of me lying by mom with her “surprise” in hand.
For a change, I was the last one to welcome the “morning sun”. My papa told me that it’s my mom’s birthday and asked me to wish my mom. Honestly speaking, I didn’t understand his words but flowers were bright enough to catch my attention in the very first instance. I caught hold of them and handed it over to my mom………God does make it happen!
She took me into her lap and this is how we both looked! As I write this, my mom’s list has expanded a bit………more on this later!

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