Friday, January 8, 2010

My First Few Words!

My father calls me “tota” (parrot) for my habit of repeating words that I hear…….You know I can repeat them with remarkable ease and clarity. But then there are few that I can speak on my own…… comes some-

1. Dada, Dadee, Chacha, Chachee, Bhai, Didi, Bua, Nana……..Now, that should make you wonder as to what about mom and dad……...Well, I prefer to address them “Hey” or “Aye”……..and, I think reason lies in the fact that I am already confused between so many words- papa, daddy, maa, mummy, mumma…….so, I have clubbed them together as “Hey” or “Aye”- smart girl, you know!

2. I have already started counting ; that too in both languages- Consider this…….. Ek (1), do (2), teen (3), chaar (4), paanch (5), saat (7), nau (9), baa-yees (22) and te-yees (23) in Hindi and one, two, three, four, five and ten in English- Math whiz-kid, you know!

3. I can pronounce “dirty”, “clean” and “this” with great ease…….In fact, “this” is my favorite word as it helps me point my finger at something I need- anything that I need is “this”.

4. As soon as my papa asks for his after-work evening tea, I walk straight into the kitchen to pass on his message to Santoshi didi…………”Didi-chai (for tea in Hindi)”. And, I don’t move until she pours it into the cup.

5. When he asks for water, I head straight into the kitchen……..utters ”mum” for water and comes out with a bottle of water- held tightly under my right arm.

I will keep expanding this list!

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