Saturday, January 30, 2010

Policeman Is Back!

My partner in crime- Rudra bhai, too is back in Delhi. And, this time he came back with one cut on his lower lip and a sun-tanned unlike him as he is not known to be a care-free bindaas kid like me.......Guess, Dehradun did that to him.

Well, two things have happened with him back in Gurgaon. Firstly, I have a company within these clustrophobic four walls.......I was extremely irritated for three days while he wasn't here in Gurgaon. And secondly, policing is back - so I have a big brother watching me and my movements all the many restrictions you know!

~ Behan idhar mat jao (Sister, don't go there), with his arm wrapped around me.

~ Behan yeh mat karo (Sister, don't do this) in a bossy tone, with his middle finger of his right hand swinging from left to right and back......eyes broadly lit up.

~ Behan ruko (Sister, stop), shouting at me, obviously

~ Behan upar aao (Sister, come up), standing atop on the staircase

~ Behan don't touch, toot jaayega(Sister, don't touch, it will break), snatching delicate and breakable stuff from my grip.

~ Behan andar aao, bahar thanda hai(Sister, come in as it is cold outside), while standing right on the main door.

And, I love him despite all the restrictions that he has placed on me or my movements ......Well, I too get to do my bit........

~ He was eating his lunch sitting on the kitchen slab.....knowing that he will not be able to move, I pulled his leg down, pinching him hard to sped away right afterwards

~ He is playing with his favorite car with me standing in wait for my opportunity; closeby .....Sensing his loosened grip, I snatched car from his hand and ran away.....Admiring my guts, he is restrained in his response

I will end this post with a picture wherein I am wearing my Rudra bhai dad's (my Ashu chacha) goggles......Shhhhh! Don't tell him else he will restrict that as well- a protective brother, you know!

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