Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cute Conversations!

Our home has become a playground for me and my Rudra you have three-tyred cars/trucks/station wagons lying here and there.....all those toys don't last more than a day and you cannot blame my Rudra bhai for that......but then this post isn't about broken cars and is about cute conversations.......and, here are some:

Scene 1- Rudra bhai is stepping out of my bedroom and going towards the drawing room.......since I don't want him to leave; a conversation follows:

Me: With my eyes widely lit up and head held high, I call for Rudra bhai.........Jeeeee-nuuuuuuuu (that's his another nick-name)

Rudra bhai: Behan main Jeenu nahin hoon, main bhaiya hoon; mujhe bhaiya bolo ( Sister, I am not Jeenu, I am your me bhai meaning brother in English).

Scene 2- I am sitting on my high chair, mom is making me eat my food while her laptop is playing out nursery rhymes- Mine and Rudra bhai's eyes are glued to the screen.

Me- Pushing my Rudra bhai off my chair, I shout at him as soon as he touches it.
Rudra bhai- Taa-yeeji (meaning Aunty for my mom), behan mujhe maar rahee hai, mujhe behan se dar lag raha hai ( Sister is beating me, I am scared of her).

Scene 3- I have accidentally fallen down on the Rudra bhai; sitting on his knees starts to hit the floor with his fist and shouts- meri behan ko kyon maara (why did you hit my sister) and I also joined him......we repeat this ritual everytime either of us fell down or hit a chair or sofa.......

Scene 4- My Rudra bhai is playing with one car and I pick the other soon as he sees me another car in my hand, he leaves his and pounced on mine.......a tussle follows and eventually no one comes out as a winner! We repeat this act with piano, footballs, pichkari (water splasher)....

Scene 5- Both of us are sitting on the bed when I decides to improvise- looking at the roof; I started shouting something (a word that only me and my Rudra bhai are aware of) in a very high pitched voice...... my Rudra bhai too joins in and both of us start to shout in chorus with eyes glued to the one else has a clue of what we are shouting.......And you know we repeat this act many times during the course of a day..... In fact, once we did same in a shopping mall- you can imagine what might have happened afterwards!

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