Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Past 4 Days

I will have to pack my past 4 days in this much delayed post; culprit again is my dad…not blaming him though!

Friday, 12th was the day of Mahashivratri festival; so my mom had an off from work. Both my parents kept their fasts for the day; and in the evening we visited a nearby temple to offer our prayers to the Lord Shiva. I and my Rudra bhai too offered our prayers in our unique way. We had our early dinner before heading off straight to SRS Cinemas for our evening date with My Name is Khan. Pallavi Chachee had booked us tickets for the evening show of My Name is Khan. As expected, we were delayed by 15 minutes. It was a completely new experience for me as all my prior movie viewing experiences have been “after 10pm” shows. I took my own sweet time to adjust to the bouts of extreme light followed by pitch darkness…….But, soon I found my excitement in the stairs facing that giant white screen- kept myself busy there; walking up and down. My mom and papa took their turns to sit alongside me on those stairs……..Good thing was that it didn’t affect other viewers as my playing area fell between rows of chairs on either side. Seeing me play, couple of other kids joined in as well….……

Saturday, 13th was mostly spent at home as my father was not in town- he had gone to Dehradun. My mom took me out for my evening walk to the nearby market. While coming back, she called my papa to tell him that she is missing him……..I am sure that comment must have send him flying but her reasoning was good enough to bring him down – “had you been here, we could have avoided walking back from the market”………..What could I say?????? Poor chap!

Sunday, 14th – I had a lazy start to an otherwise exciting day- Valentine’s Day……… My mom, who always looks for a reason to celebrate, must have been missing my father….I was the first one to get ready wearing a combo of denim jacket and jeans……….Later, my mom took me to the nearby market to buy my papa his Valentine cards and gifts- couple of tee-shirts. Sometimes, I wonder why men can’t be that thoughtful!

In the evening we went to the Sector 29 market. Both, I and my Rudra bhai had lot of fun……..we took a horse-ride, chased bubbles and also drove toy cars………see……

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