Friday, February 19, 2010

Stubborn- My New Tag

I have a new tag now- stubbornnnnnnn. Well I don't know what it means but then I do know that I got this while we were out shopping yesterday night. And the acts which invited this tag are as follows:

~ I spotted one empty shopping trolley lying unattended in the corridor and insisted that I push it. My parents tried their best to dissuade me from doing that.......but I was in no mood to listen to them. Soon, I was pushing it throught the corridor with my papa walking by me; generating enough curiosity amongst passers-by. Later, I insisted that I be put onto the trolley........You bet that I was successful as I know how to make them heed to my request..............Scene 2- My papa is pushing that cart and I am sitting inside it; my ear to ear smile intact and growing! I heard my embarrassed mom telling my papa to carry my pram from next time onwards........Silly woman doesn't know that it is not about pram but about a shopping trolley- the fun part is completely different!

~ Back at pushing that trolley, I walked into a grocery shop........That shop is quite familiar and so are all the shopping attendants......Soon I started my job of picking up stuff to fill the trolley......The shopping attendant did mention about a vacant position to man the cabinet I was picking stuff from.....Well, I politely declined the offer and continued filling the trolley with a particular brand of cosmetics- Emami Talcum powder, Dove shower cream and a face wash.........Later, I turned my attention to the spices corner......And that was it! My papa's patience got over and he pulled me into his lap; much to my opposition........

~ We are walking back to the parking area when mom stopped at a corn shop to buy a steamed corn full cup.......Uttering "aapu-aapu" (meaning I want to eat on my own) and extending my hand towards the cup, I asked for the cup......The denial resulted in me taking a walk towards the car, angrily so........Left with no option my papa caved in........

Papa, it is no more your solo turf anymore; the competetion has arrived!

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