Sunday, January 10, 2010

Every Day Is A New Day!

"Every day is a new day" is no secret to anyone; me included. So, I start proving it from the moment I start my day, every morning. Consider my latest "starts" during past three days:

Friday morning- Completely oblivious of the fact that I am awake, my parents are competing with each other in the "snoring competetion". Suddenly, my papa wakes up to found me sitting by my mom; smiling with eyes partially shut, both side tip of my mouth reaching out to the closest ear and my five frontol teeth clearly evident.....surprised papa takes me into his arms and gives me a big hug.......he doesn't know that I was sitting and smiling for long!

Saturday morning- Mom is busy sipping her morning tea while papa is running through his daily newspaper. It was then, I woke up in a hurry, stood up to take a walk on the bed, only to fell down few seconds later......back to sleep, again!

Sunday Morning- Papa is reading his newspaper while mom is sleeping, door bell rang loud enough to break my sleep......Rubbing my eyes, I got down from the bed and starts walking towards the main door.....Reason? .....someone is outside ringing the door-bell. Cruel cold becomes a reason for my failed bid!

Wanna take a leaf out of this?

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