Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Found Love

I woke up to find my papa sitting on my mom's computer and that was it- he had no option but to keep it aside.....but not before he called me a "ziddi bachha meaning stubborn child". Poor man couldn't understand what I wanted. Mom, siting nearby intervened and said- "she wants to watch the video"......and this time it wasn't going to be a "humty dumpty" song but a brand new but old video from my parent's era.........A character, that I can relate to more than anything for my love of animals.

That I love animals is no secret- be it cows, ants, dogs, crows, peacocks, monkeys etc (yes we do have peacocks and monkeys in our locality); so much so that my parents no longer use "animal's names" to stop me from doing/indulging in something that they don't approve...........

Coming back to my new found love; well his name is Mowgli and mine is a case of "love at first sight".......I love him for the way he plays with all those Sherkhans and Bagheras of his Jungle World.........And, I don't envy him as I know I am the "Lady Mowgli" of this world.......Would you also like to meet him????

Here he comes, so ladies and gentlemen please welcome Mr Mowgli- my new found love!

By the way, I am still trying to locate that flower........one, that had blossomed after Mowgli wore his famous chaddi (shorts in english). .......May be he was wearing a diaper! Let me know if you manage to find it........

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