Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye-Bye Crawling!

After having tasted the pleasure of walking on my own feet, I have already bid adieu to crawling.

Amusing, it may sound; but my parents are already missing the sight of me crawling on my both legs and hands, head held high......stopping, every now and then to raise my one hand with body resting on my legs and the other hand..........that fluttering sound my clothes used to produce while colliding with the floor........or pure bliss of hearing the symphonic tapping of my hands and feet ...... or that look of accomplishment and success on my face after crawling from one corner of the room to other.......that sight of me seated in one of those four corners trying to catch my breath........

They are missing all this and more but then they also know that their daughter has to grow.......You know this growth is a strange dilemma; an act of balancing as you lose and gain something at the same time........just as I have lost interest in crawling but then at the same time I am really excited about the fun of walking.........

When I walk, so many eyes pop out in excitement; so many hands reach out to me as soon as I fell down........even when I don’t fall. When I walk, I am the one who decides my course and everyone else follows me........ When I walk, I walk regardless of time and hour of the day- my parents can vouch for that as I made them walk besides me at 11.30 in the where? ........Nearby market only.......Of course, I know the way as I was the one who was guiding them........with some support from my Rudra bhai......

For us, all roads out of our home goes to market only!

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