Friday, October 9, 2009

Kissa Kursi Ka- Tale Of A Chair

After mo-bike and a tricycle, I now have a new reason to fight my Rudra bhai with- A chair......My chachee bought him a pair of chair & table on their recent Dehradun trip. He likes to so much that he doesn't even let me touch it. Stubborn me- that I am, not only has to touch it but sit on it as well. So, frequent "interventions and mediation" have become an order of the day to cool down the raging tempers. Un-announced ceasefire don't last much as regular skirmishes keep breaking out at frequent intervals; just like one on Indo-Pak border.......However, good news is that we are also learning to share; albeit slowly and steadily! See......

Best is that we go back to our usual self, moments after they fold that chair to hide it somewhere........They can't help but wonder at what a kursi (a chair) can do to relationships!

"Kissa Kursi Ka"- an eternal play keeps resurrecting in its different avatars and forms on moment to moments basis. At the core of the plot is always a "chair" and all the characters revolve around it...... My papa feels that our fight for that lone chair is nothing but that game of chair played out in full.....He says that I am playing a lead role with my Rudra bhai filling the other spot......He isn't amused but we are loving it!

Thus sown are the seeds of greed!

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