Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali Update

After late night festivities and celebrations, I am still in bed but my papa is up early to write this quick update.

Since it was my first Diwali, I wasn't aware of what is in store through the day. But as the day progressed, things began to get clear and I could feel the festivities and excitement in the air. Every one was busy decorating the house with flowers, lights and candles while my dada and dadee cooked delicious sweets and snacks.

After Diwali puja in the night, it was time to burst crackers. I was a picture of varied emotions through the entire duration of that time- excited, happy, joyful, lost, frightened ......... But, it was fun. As we readied ourselves to end the day at 12 in the midnight, it was time for my Ashu chacha to cut his birthday cake..... Happy Birthday Ashu chacha!

A detailed post will follow this once we are back in Gurgaon.....

Before I end this post, let me wish you and yours a year full of happiness, prosperity, good health and success!

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