Monday, October 5, 2009

Post From A Father

Writing this blog comes so easy to me that all I have to do is to sit back and write; my daughter does the rest- she gives me so much to write. I have already logged 233 posts before this- posts that track the growth of my daughter; posts that celebrate parenthood; posts that are about different beings- being of a daughter, father, mother, grand-mother, grand-father, uncle, brother, sister; all known by different names but closely entangled with one another like precious pearls stringed together into a beautiful necklace!

All along these 11 months, just a thought of writing for my daughter used to fill me with much energy and vigor emanating out of the love, affection and emotions that I carry in my heart. Everything written on this blog looked very special to me.....I began to feel as if my daughter is a special daughter and me a special father....

My feelings of being special stands corrected....Corrected after coming to know of the death of a father- a 29 year old dad to a beautiful 18 month old daughter....... a father who loved his daughter as much as any other dad would......a father whose life used to revolve around his daughter.......A young talented engineer who was a devoted son of his parents.....a brother .....and a loving husband of a 24 year old woman.

In the death of Kshitij, Suman (my wife's cousin) lost her beloved husband, Charu lost her father, proud parents lost their son and brother lost his comrade in arms....while so many others lost so many forms and names they used to associate themselves to Kshitij with........He died at the hands of killer swine-flu and careless doctors- who continued treating him for -God knows what, when everything else was pointing at swine-flu.

My heart cries for everyone's in Kshitij's family....and it cries more for Charu....for whom it will be a case of delayed grief as she doesn't know the real meaning of this tragedy.....her eyes will always be waiting for her loving father, her ears will wait endlessly to listen to her father's experience his touch.......While she waits endlessly for her father; her father will be watching him from the heavens....watching at his creation....... asking her a question that he always used to ask-" Who is his papa's daughter?"........but Charu will never be able to point at her as she used to and Kshitij will never see her do that......for both have lost that physical closeness to be able to talk to each other to answer that ...... to a cruel fate....

Of all 6 billion pearls and a equally big number of necklaces that those pearls have been stringed into; sadly one string of pearls is lying on the floor...broken after one pearl is gone forever.......God alone can guide the family and show them the way.......Our love and sympathies are with Kshitij's family in this hour of grief.....May his young soul Rest In Peace.......

Everything, that looked so special to me about my daughter until yesterday looks very general to me.......

Everything is special yet nothing is special!

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