Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hey! I am Eleven Now; 11 Months I mean

My life measurement unit will change from next month onwards- as I will complete one year then. But for now "month" remains the unit measure....and I have completed 11 months today; on 3rd October 09...

My mom decided to celebrate the penultimate month of first year of my life in a different way; so there was no cake and no candles either. Instead, we decided to go to a nearby mall for dinner......This is what my papa's camera captured:

Picture 1- Me entering inside holding my papa's hand- gives me confidence to walk
Picture 2- Papa encouraged me to walk and I walked; happily so!
Picture 3- Inside Surreal Store- didn't I tell you that I love mirrors...see!
Picture 4- I am back on the corridor...walking? no running!
Picture 5- The toy bike owner said- I am too small to ride it; but I proved him wrong......notice my tight grip on the handle...
Picture 6- Outside the restaurant door- Open it, today is my monthly birthday
Picture 7- Eating my dinner- What a joke on me: It's my birthday and what do I get to eat- my good old baby food and them- a lavish gourmet meal...
Picture 8- Walking out at I look tired?..Naah

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