Friday, October 16, 2009

I am Stubborn!

....yes, that's how "powers that be" have labeled me as! Reasons cited, here they come:

~ That I resist every move to stop me from climbing stairs.

~ That I drag them out of house for a walk at odd hours; at 12 midnight yesterday!

~ That I don't want to get inside, once out.

~ That I like to eat with my own hands.....

~ That I don't like to eat lentil soup despite them trying hard at it; but love pickles at the same time; much against their wish....

~ That I fight with my Rudra bhai for everything; be it his cycle, mo-bike, toys etc.

~ That I don't want to go to bed even when they are ready for it.....

~ That I want to try everything with my own hands rather than them doing it for me....

~ That I put everything in my mouth despite their innumerable sermons...

Well, I can go on and on as there are many other that they have complained about.......It is time for them to understand that I am just a kid; a kid out to explore my own way and at a place of my choice.......

They better change their statement!

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