Friday, April 23, 2010

Youngest Rickshaw Puller

Youngest Rickshaw Puller????? Yes, that's me!

A rickshaw, that my parents had bought from an antique shop four years ago is no longer safe in the show case; it is being put to use by me effectively on the bed and ground.....A big votary of "Activity based learning", that my father is, extremely happy to see this development......Here are few pictures of my latest rick ride.....

My love for rickshaws has fuelled interest in all moving vehicles......I can now identify cars, buses, trucks, tanker, tractor, cycle and scooter plying on the road....infact I have also started identifying cars by their make/ whenever I see a Maruti Swift, my finger goes up in the direction of that Swift car........with an exclamatory "Aaaaalooooot".........meaning that's the same car that my father drives!

Thank you Rickshaw for fuelling that interest in vehicles!

My papa got a taste of my liking few days back when I refused to be taken in a car......It was then, my mom decided to rent a rickshaw to ferry me back home; papa had no choice but to drive back home, lonely so.

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