Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dressing Visits To The Hospital!

My burn wounds are healing as planned and I will be going to Medanta hospital for my final dressing visit- my fourth since last tuesday. Earlier fears of heat induced infection looks very remote now as my doctor feels that post burning act of putting me under water has helped limit the damage to my inner skin- thank you papa!

I must thank my mom too for managing hospital visits in the absence of my papa and Ashu chacha, as both of them were travelling. You know it is extremely difficult to commute in Gurgaon if one doesn't know how to drive.......and, my mom can't drive.....

Coming back to my injury, I still have a bandage wrapped around my waist and trust me it is not at all comfortable with sun powered heat wave registering in excess of 45 degrees.......Doctor has given some anti allergics to help me manage itching etc. Right now my mom's focus is on healing and I am sure it will not be much before it will turn towards erasing the scar......fact that I am still a 18 month old will surely help!

I have so much to write but then I would like to do that in my next post; I have to go and eat my breakfast........medicines are waiting!

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