Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shoes & A Complete Sentence!

Many new things/incidents/activities have remained unposted in the wake of my burn injury; and I feel it is time to make amends and log them here by means of this here it comes:

~ My father's new venture ( has finally taken off after one year of planning....... Their first camp for school children of Nehru World School was a huge success and was received well by the participants....I shall be linking the picture gallery of the event to this blog, once it is up. They are now busy planning for other school and family camps during the month of May-June.

~ That I have a penchant for shoes is no new news but off lately I have started wearing shoes of all shapes and sizes.......I like to walk wearing those biggies.........And, you know my mom's prolong wait to spot a mistake in my choice of correct pair of shoes/feet is not showing any signs of tapering off any soon........It never ceases to amaze her as to how do I manage it! For me, it's just a child's play.....

~ I am no more a "two word" "mumma paa-nee" (meaning mumma give me water) has given way to "mumma paa-nee de do" (a complete sentence for the previous one).......Likewise, "mumma pottey" has become "mumma pottey aayee hai" or "Aaaa-lok coupled with hand gesture urging my papa to sit on the bed" has given way to "Aaaa-lok idhar baitho" (meaning Alok sit here) .......... I guess, it would be much better for me to write one post about the complete sentences that I have already started speaking.........I just said "Mumma nin-nee aayee hai" instead of earlier "mumma nin-nee" meaning Mumma I want to sleep....

~ Rhymes have also started giving way to Hindi film humpty dumpty video no longer amuses me but a mother trying to make her son eat his dinner do- perhaps because I can relate to that kid. So, why don't you have a look at the video?

And now my burn injury bulletin- a new outer layer also called as epidermis has already started to take shape as my healing is progressing as planned......

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