Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mera Mall (My Mall)

As mentioned earlier, we have recently moved into a new house in Sector 15, located on the other side of the NH-8 (National Highway)......And, I am yet to reconcile myself with this part of Gurgaon- an inferior cousin of the other side as it has got just one upmarket mall cum spa cum hotel, few 100 meters away from our house......

It looks so much different to me as I have been growing up seeing malls and big buildings, as the place where I used to stay earlier had at least 3 big malls and super markets within 1 km walking radius......I was so much used to seeing them everytime we used to go out on drives/walks......Needless to say that I am missing all that on this side of the road......

So everytime we step out of our home, I tell my papa to take me to "mera mall" across the highway........Much to his surprise, I also know the way to my mall......so as soon as we hit the NH8, I always tell my papa to turn right........thereafter leaving it to him to find his way upto DLF Galleria-Golf Course road red light intersection.......From then onwards, I again take charge of navigation.....left......idhar (meaning "here" & using my fingers to point in the direction).......bursting into a loud laughter and boisterous shout......"yeah mera mall".........My parents have been hearing stories of "mall kids" and are not amused at being face to face with one at home!

Oh I forgot to tell you that "mera mall" meaning my favourite mall is DLF Mega Mall located at the start of Golf Course road.......

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