Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Moments and Burn Wounds!

6 days have elapsed since I logged-in my last post. And, those six days have been eventful by all means- I travelled 800 kms over the weekend, visited hills for the first time, rode a pony, deliberately allowed cool breeze to hit my face repeatedly after tasting the pleasure of looking out of windows of the moving car, walked the streets of a small bazaar at Gaja (place where my papa is setting up his camp), did lot of running around our lawns of our Dehradun home, played with my dada and dadee, splashed water all over after taking a dip inside our own kid-pool, visited my nana-nanee; in short I had lot of fun......... but everything turned into a distant memory minutes after we reached our Gurgaon home...........A freak accident involving Santoshi didi and a tea cup left me nursing my burn wounds when I should have been sharing about my trip with my Rudra bhai.

My papa, tired after driving non stop from Dehradun to Gurgaon in less than 5 hours, asked for tea......While he was waiting for his tea, I began playing with my Rudra bhai, who I was meeting after a gap of 3 got busy checking her work emails......Soon thereafter, Santoshi didi made an entry with two tea cups on a tray in her hand.......She bent downwards to adjust her slippers, fumbled and spilled over one cup filled with hot tea over my back.......Screaming and screeching, I bursted into tears....Papa came running, lifted me and took me straight to the bathroom to pour cold water over my burnt back......outer layer of my skin had already started to peel off by then and the diameter of the affected area was increasing with every passing moment......Crying incessantly, I was staring at my mom and papa hoping them to do some magic......Papa called for ice cubes and cold water and would put me inside the tub filled with cold water........But, burning sensation was not giving any signs of tapering off.........seeing the skin peel off rendered my mom motionless; she started competing with me in terms of crying .......Shikha chachee too joined in soon thereafter.......Santoshi didi, filled with guilt was no less different.........

My papa's patience had already given up by then and he shouted at everyone to keep quiet...... He then called our new landlord (Rohit uncle)for the directions to the nearby doctor......Rohit uncle told my papa to follow his car to Dr Yadav's clinic ......... I was lying inconsolably on my mom's lap who was pouring cold water on my burn wounds......Soon, we reached the clinic but my screaming cries would not stop until dressing was complete.......All along this, my worried dada and dadee kept calling as they had seen me off few hours back and I was all smiles then......

Later, my papa called up Vaishali aunty who suggested papa to consult Dr. Aditya as he had treated Tanvi didi in the past for burn wounds.......So we then went to Medanta Hospital to consult Dr. Aditya; who gave me some pain killers and vitamins.......I have to go to doctor again for next round of dressing........He will be able to suggest the next line of treatment only after examining my wounds today......As per him, burn wounds have a tendency to evolve after two-three days......Will keep you posted on the same!

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