Thursday, May 6, 2010

Youngest Gatecrashers & A Wedding Anniversary

My parents added yet another 5 to their marriage date-05/05/05 after completing 5 years yesterday. Our earlier plan to head out to Nainital had to be shelved due to lack of time and my mom was certainly not happy about that.......Papa's promise to redeem it in some other form fell on deaf ears initially......but as the day progressed, my mom's mood began improving and in the evening we decided to go out for a family dinner. As my mom's phone isn't working anymore, my papa decided to buy her a new phone as her anniversary present. So, he took her to Chroma Store on the way; but too much of variety ended up confusing my mom......In the end, she decided to return after some online research on the currently available phones.......

Family dinners for us usually means dining at IKay's for their accommodating nature towards kids....Prying eyes don't follow kids every moment and we are good to be left alone to do our bit while elders eat their lunch/dinner......Yesterday, we found company in couple of other four of us were doing "round and round" with ocassional fights......And, who else but me was the one who would beat the other two as and when they tried to bully my Rudra bhai.......

While everyone was busy having their dinner, two of us sneaked out. My papa was vigilant enough to take note of sudden silence and ran out to find us standing outside the door of the adjacent pub- with me talking to the tall and big bodied bouncer.......The bouncer jokingly asked us- "do you want to go inside" ......... "YES" was the loud answer; he wasn't expecting us to be so prompt with our reply.......As he was busy trying to figure out his reply, somebody opened the door to come out.......And, that was all we were were waiting for; we barged in even before they could come out.......leaving the couple and the bouncer smiling.........

With my both hands raised over my shoulders and my Rudra bhai by my side, we quickly hit the dance floor......the bouncer uncle allowed my papa to follow us......Our entry on the dance floor didn't go unnoticed to the boisterous crowd; and the entire attention shifted to two of us, infact three of us, as by then the third kid inside the Ikay's too joined us.........The DJ changed the song to

to make it little soft on our ears......We were indifferent to the song, as all we were interested in was to tap our feet. By them my Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee and mom too came in........As my papa wasn't carrying a camera, one of the guests handed his camera to my papa allowing him to capture the moments; ......moments that had to be cut short as we were quite late............Gatecrashing ended soon thereafter and the bouncer was all at smiles-very unusual sight to see them smile!

My papa is now waiting for the pictures to arrive on email; but for that guy's thoughtfulness; he would have lost an opportunity to capture something this great!

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