Monday, May 3, 2010

Free For All!

Both, I and my Rudra bhai are relishing and making best use of our "free for all" days as we moved into our new house yesterday. With everyone busy doing something- firstly packing and now unpacking stuff/belongings; watchful eyes don't follow us like a shadow.......they peep in and out at fairly longish intervals; in between we get enough time to do stuff that we are good at- playing with mud-slush (after rain effect), run around everywhere, sneak out downstairs (new house is on first floor and they have not gotten used to bolting the door from inside), throw things around, eat anything that comes in our hands; the list just doesn't end; words do!.......

With such a huge list of available activities, a constant tussle is always on to outsmart the other and be on the driver seat. Net result is nothing but fights at regular intervals......few bites here and few there, one slap here and another there......And, despite my age, I am the one who gets to win most of these battles.......... with my Rudra bhai mostly at the receiving end.......However, after every such act, I have made it a habit to ask him- "Davayee (Hindi word for medicine used by me to ask him should I apply ointment?)........ But biting him on his hand and then asking him if he needs ointment are two separate and mutually exclusive acts ...It just happens that I am the one who is the doer of both!......

As my papa is writing this, I just did something that made him shout and laugh in quck succession......And, you know what I did?

Well, I just pulled my Rudra bhai's long hairs moving them in circles and singing "round and round-round and round".....until my Rudra bhai started shouting for help.......thus prompting my papa to shout at me........I quickly figured out that I am at fault so I went upto my papa and raising my right cheek, I said-"idhar maaro" meaning (slap me here) eyes were closed waiting for the imminent......Once, my left cheek's turn got over, I got down from the bed.....went upto our dressing table and started shouting again- "Davayee (meaning should I get you some ointment?)..........Although, all this was not meant to be a joke, but for some reason, it was good enough to make everyone burst into a laughter!

Now, what else would you expect from a eighteen month old......yes, turned eighteen months today!`

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