Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Airport, People & Emotions

It is 2 am here in India and I am still awake; remember that 2 am or 2 pm thing on this post. Actually, we just came back home after visiting Delhi International Airport to see off my Rakesh Mama (uncle) - my Renu bua’s husband. This was my first visit to any airport and will stay with me forever courtesy this post. Since Delhi Airport is in the midst of a major renovation and construction exercise; so there is not much to write about the state of infrastructure. From the looks of it, future of this airport looks better and I hope to write about it sometime soon.

A keen observer, which I am, soon got busy witnessing the airport scenes. But, what attracted me most at the airport wasn’t the swanky airport building but people. Actually it is a given in India; sort of a freebie. With its huge population, sea of humanity follows you everywhere. Delhi Airport was no different either; it was full of people. And, with people come emotions. There was a son who was taking his newly-wed along; his entire family was there to see him off with tears flowing down their cheeks. There was a group of young guys standing next to the newly-weds with aspirations and dreams in their eyes. An old couple travelling alone were looking for some help to push their trolleys. A young daughter was pushing her trolley with her other hand waving at her parents and tears popping out of her eyes. A group of labourers showing contrasting emotions of hope and fear.......every face had a story to tell.

Present in that huge crowd was a 2.25 year old daughter enjoying the warmth of her father’s embrace completely unaware of his scheduled departure. Sensing the possible, her mom quickly offered her lap to the daughter, which she accepted. Handshakes and hugs followed quickly thereafter (pic of Rakesh mama, Ridhima didi and me shaking hands) and the father took his way to the airport lobby entrance. Seeing her father leave, the girl started crying......calling her papa......You know that daughter was none else but my Ridhima didi and the father was my Rakesh mama. She kept crying until she went to sleep. While my Ridhima didi was crying, my embrace of my mom got tighter and tighter.

What a cruel place an airport can be for emotional people!

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