Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You My Lord!

Something is amiss since yesterday morning. First, my father averted a head on collision by applying brakes on time while on our way to doctor in the morning. I was seated next to him on my mom’s lap and the sudden jerk scared the hell out of my parents. But my mom’s grip was tight enough to avoid a major incident. But that same grip wasn’t strong enough in the evening while I was seated inside my pram outside a nearby shopping mall. The result was that she lost her grip of the moving pram on a slope; hearing my dadee shout, my papa came running but not before the pram had hit the side pavement. Still, he could avoid a major accident by stopping it much ahead of the iron grills in front. My mom was turned into a statue in shock, my dadee couldn’t believe her eyes, papa was angry as well as surprised; and I was crying. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer any injury but a slight scratch near my collar bone........

As if those two incidents were not enough, I again landed like a cat on all fours off my bed this morning. And this time the effect of impact was there to see on the right side of my head in the form of a small bump. Soon thereafter a smile on my face helped restore the normalcy. The bump too is back to normal now.

Three incidents in a span of less than 24 hours but I escaped unhurt in all of them. I must thank God....He sure is watching us; Thank you my Lord!

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