Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Encounter With The White Tiger

..... ....will remain etched in my memory for long and this post will certainly help.
But what brought me face to face with the White tiger (real one and not Arwind Adiga's) is what this post is about.

The answer lies in somewhat weird choice to visit Delhi Zoo on a bright sunny Mother’s day Sunday afternoon. What led my papa to choose Delhi Zoo over various other options will remain a mystery to me. But, in the hindsight, we all now feel that it was the best choice on that day. Our entire family (my dada, dadee, papa, mummy, Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee and Rudra bhai) left for Zoo in a hired Toyota Innova. Much to our surprise, we found out the place full of people. Actually, to expect lesser people at a public place in a country of a billion plus population is akin to asking for the moon.

After buying the tickets, we hired an electric vehicle for touring inside the Zoo. It proved to be a smart move as soon thereafter hot sun gave way to the dark clouds and rain came pouring down along with the hailstorm. Nature again proved its might by replacing the simmering heat with cool breeze in no time.

Our vehicle tour of zoo ended near the cage of the White Tiger. Rains too had stopped by then and the tiger was also enjoying the weather. You know, tigers have such an imposing personality; no wonder their writ runs large over the jungle populace. But it is sad to know that despite its entire prowess, tigers are faced with the threat of extinction at the hands of human beings.......

After our brief encounter came to an end, we decided to head out of zoo; but not before clicking this pic; my papa is behind the camera!
After our zoo visit, we decided to visit Dilli Haat , a place that carries a special place in the hearts of my parents. They first met each other at this place more than 6 years ago. In fact, my papa narrated the whole incident and also showed us the exact spot where he first saw my mom seated waiting for him- A nostalgic moment! We spent close to two hours at the place, everyone had their lunch (mine was meshed bananas) and we came back home; tired.

It was a perfectly enjoyable Sunday outing.....but choice of Delhi Zoo is still a mystery to me!

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