Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Update

India’s historical elections came to end with the announcement of counting results today. Congress led government has been returned to power with an improved tally. This would essentially mean that the new government will not be dependent on the Communists and other greedy allies to retain the power. And finally, country will again see some positive governance.

You might wonder what a 6 month old has to do with the elections. Trust me kids of this country have a huge stake in Indian elections simply because successive governments in the past have not delivered on fronts that matters most. Education/Infrastructure/Health/Internal Security etc are the issues that concerns us as much as it would to any senior person. Let me now remind you of my wish list for the incumbent prime-minister. I sincerely hope that he acts on that list as the kids of this country deserve a responsive government. I have already seen Obama make history in US and now I am seeing Manmohan Singh do the same in India. He is the first Prime-minister in last 45 years to have been returned to power consecutively. I just hope that he delivers for me and my fellow citizens of this country. He better do that this time!

Another piece of update following my morning visit to the doctor is that my doctor is extremely happy on my progress as a kid. He had all the good words for that.

And before I end this post, I request my readers who are experiencing pleasant weather to please send some pleasantries to Delhi as it is really hot here. I find it difficult to bear this heat. Thank God-electricity cuts are not that long! Yes even after 62 years of Independence, citizens have to live with the powercuts. Perhaps this elections might change that! Or, perhaps it may not like other elections in the past........

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