Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evening Sun & A Hockey Girl!

When both your parents work fulltime, your family’s coffers indeed sees a monthly addition but at some cost. In my case, the cost is the time that I get to spend with my parents and my interactions with the evening sun; no less by any stretch of imagination. Not that I don’t enjoy my days while they work at their respective workplaces. With my nanee back in Dehradun, my dada and dadee take good care of me during that time. My nanee, who was doing that for past one month had to go back to be with my nana to prepare for my mama’s (my mom’s brother) upcoming marriage in June.

I have already written about lack of time on many occasions in the past but what prompted me to complain about my interaction with the evening sun? Actually, the reasons are twosome. Firstly, soaring temperatures and the resultant heat makes it virtually impossible for my dada and dadee to take me out during the evenings. The other reason is the late homecoming of my parents on weekdays. By the time they are back, sun already starts to shine on the other side of the globe leaving me with a night sky, stars and a moody moon.

However, some respite from the soaring heat on a Saturday evening allowed my mom to take me out for an evening stroll. With that my reason to complain was gone but then who cares; at least I got to see the bright evening sun. After all it is the final outcome that matters and not the disappearance of reasons to complain. I enjoyed the walk in my pram and was at my cheerful best. Jury is still out whether it was the sight of the evening sun or my hockey team jersey that brought cheer on my face. My father feels that it was my hockey jersey as there is nothing in this heat to feel good about........So, after Hockey Mom, here comes Hockey Girl.....Sarah Palin's contribution to the world of Hockey has a serious competetion!

And now, following pictures says it all...... better than the words!

And now quiz time- can you spot my Jersey number?

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