Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day In My Life

........ is never about 24 hours; the notion of time doesn’t exist in my life. But, it won’t be long before everyone will start thrusting their concept of time over me making it mandatory for me to follow the strict regimen of 24 hour cycle. Until that happens, I want to enjoy and live my life my way; not worrying about anything but me and my life......

I choose my own time of going to bed or waking up in the morning. I am free to choose my play-toys, play-time or playground; 2 am or 2 pm are all one and same for me. No one shouts at me if I don’t go potty on time nor do they get angry when I fail to control my bladder. I always get to decide the kind of food, the time and the place to eat. In no time, can my one smile swing the look of anger/frustration opposite way. It doesn’t take much to make my happy. Attraction for me is a one way street as I become the centre of attraction wherever I go. No wonder, I am completely indifferent to colours or type of clothes I wear. In short, I am in the driver seat of my life and my time.

Only language that I know of is the language of love and trust. There is no wrong and right in my life; rather my life remains a game of endless possibilities. All the strings that would eventually control my life are in my grasp. I just hope that everyone allows me to pull the right strings as per my choice! I can only hope.....

Wish life was like this for our seniors as well! Actually, it was; but they chose to cede the control of their lives to their own folly......

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