Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Awards Galore

......for me? Naah.......this is just my 2nd in last 6 months- "An Honest Scrap Award"; a special one coming in as it did from someone who has been following my life through this blog for some time now. He is none other than Hashir alias Doodle. I should also thank Anzalna; his bhanjee (niece) of 4 months......perhaps visits to my blog is his way of connecting to her!He has tagged me to say 10 honest things about myself; and here they come based on what my loved ones think of me......

1. As per my mom- I have got an attitude. What made her say that is the way I sit and observe things- folded knees with both my hands on my two knees, head held high atop a straightened neck, intensely focused eyes and no smile; as if I have been given a task of being an observer....

2. As per my dadee- I have a reserved personality just like my bua.......I don’t mingle with everyone and sundry......it takes a lot to make me open up. Although it is an altogether different matter once I open up.....

3. As per my Shikha chachee- I have got a precious smile; something I tend to treasure......

4. My Ashu chacha feels that I will be more dominating of the three- me, Ridhima didi and Rudra bhai.

5. I am a pucca Garhwali (people who belong to Garhwal region of Uttarakhand) as I love rice and can’t bear heat.....

6. I don’t love lentil soup; basically I am very fussy about food. It better suits my taste bud, else!

7. I love electronic gadgets, always prefer a camera over my rattles, laptop over a teddy or a mobile phone over any other toy......

8. I can use my potty with an ease and have got an amazing control over my bladder......my parents don’t know what bed-wetting is? Yeah I am a 6 month old only.......

9. I love to stand on my feet; so much so that my papa feels that I will start walking much earlier than I start full scale crawling....

10. I always fold my hands when I see my papa do his morning prayers......in fact my Rudra bhai does that too. Since, I can't write more than 10 so adding the extra one here only- I love mirrors......

By the way, everything I do is honest!

Now, I am passing this on to 7 much deserving and celebrated bloggers-

The Mad Momma

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