Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marriages On Election Day

Today, Delhi voted for the 15th Loksabha in the fourth phase of the General Elections. As elections in India means a holiday; so everyone was home today. None of our family members got to vote as each one of them is registered as voters in Dehradun. However, before you start to label us as irresponsible citizens; let me clarify that my papa is going to Dehradun just to caste his franchise on 13th May.

In addition to elections, Delhi also witnessed huge number of weddings today; between 10,000 to 15,000.

Of those 15000 weddings, one in our neighbourhood prompted me to write this post. As the wedding procession (baraat) went past our gate, we all came out to watch it. It was my first visual experience of a wedding procession and will be etched in my memory forever, thanks to this post and the pictures my papa clicked. For all those who have never been to an Indian wedding, I must say that they should attend one whenever an opportunity arises. A wedding procession is always a treat to eyes- people wearing colourful dresses showcasing their best of jewelleries and dancing to the latest Bollywood numbers played by a brass band contingent with the groom sitting atop a horse as the centre of attraction of the procession........Here are some pictures from the baraat that went past our gate 30 minutes ago.......

Getting ready for the view-

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