Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dehradun Trip Update

I am now going to try and pack past 10 days in few hundred words................As mentioned earlier; we reached Dehradun on the night of 10th June after driving down from Gurgaon. An ostensible reason for this trip was to attend my Sunil mama’s marriage on 17th June; however my father sneaked in his resting needs to convert this into a rejuvenating break for himself.

My first day in Dehradun started early on a refreshing note with my dada taking me around our lawn for a dekko. Soon, my Rudra bhai and Ridhima didi joined in as well. I must mention here that both of them share an amazing chemistry; and anyone going by their innocent faces will do so only at its own peril. That day also, it wasn’t the lawn but the lure of the sprinkler system that brought them to the lawn. No wonder, they soon started the sprinkler to play with the water. I was tempted to join them but could only watch them helplessly- they are in the best phase of their childhood........

Here is one more picture of our “Gang of Three”. Next day, I went to my nana’s place and would remain there until 19th June.....I was attending a marriage for the first time. My Sunil mama was a happy man and so was his family. Indian weddings are usually a lavish affair and this one was no exception either. But what caught my fancy was specially invited troika of traditional folk artists playing their drums and bagpipes. < I will upload the video soon>.
Edited to add: Here is the video. Please unmute your speakers to hear the music.

This post can’t end without making mention of one bizarre accident that took place on the night of marriage day and involved myself and my mother. I was crying and needed milk, so my mother decided to feed me and she chose her brother’s car for that. As it was hot outside, she switched on the car ignition to start the air-conditioning. As soon as she did that, the car started moving- apparently the driver had forgotten to pull the hand-brakes when he first parked it....Ignorant of the seriousness of the accident, I was in my mom’s lap; while my mom was being dragged along the moving car with her one foot inside the moving car and other one on the ground. Left with no option, she jumped out to save me; injuring her knee and thighs. Her post delivery weight added more to her injury. However, we are thankful to the God for saving two lives as it could have been worse then what it seems......

My mom and I returned to our Dehradun home on 19th June. We came back to Gurgaon on 21st June after an uncomfortable drive of 11 hours; of which 5 hours were spent in a traffic jam......following picture will give you an idea of what I went through......

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