Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Day Of June

.......was lot different as compared to past one week; the hustle and bustle of past few days was missing. All the delicate things have found their way back to their original place and the house is looking neat and organised again. There was no throwing around of toys and rattles, no act of shouting out each other, no boxing bouts between Rudra bhai and Ridhima didi, no running around to make them eat ...............I can go on compiling these "no’s". But then all “no’s” fade away in front of one “yes”- my answer to a question “if I am missing them”.

My Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee and Rudra bhai have gone to Dehradun to drop my Renu bua and Ridhima didi there at our home. That would mean that my dadee and I will have to spend a quiet day in our Gurgaon home.

My dadee understands and takes timely care of my needs; you can even adjust your watch seeing her do that. She has been doing that since my birth with one month break in between. And, she has never complained about anything but my sleeping habit- I don’t sleep for more than an hour or so during the entire day. Both of us play together as best of friends with my rattles, balls, soft toys and a piano mat- my latest addition. I just love it as it plays music whenever my dadee puts me on top of that- it is always nice to have someone competing with you in a noise making competition; more so after the sudden exit of two boisterous competitors. But I will join them in Dehradun soon; and I have 9 more days to learn a thing or two to compete with them again......

Watching three sub-three category kids playing together is always a treat to every one's eyes and ears; but only when you can relish it! Actually, one has no choice but to relish it.......

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