Friday, June 5, 2009

Scolding-Sign of Growing Up???

Love comes in many forms; one not so good one comes in the form of scolding you get from your loved ones.....I got my first today for putting the laptop battery wire in my mouth. Completely taken aback by the tone and tenor of my father’s words; I dropped the wire off my hands. My stunned and visibly shaken look melted him instantly and look of anger gave way to an embracing one......That helped stop the flow of tears off my eyes but the damage was already done and I would not touch the laptop for next one hour or so..........but was back at it again as I could not shun the temptation of playing with the laptop anymore.....I was careful not to touch the wire this time! This would help my papa take the burden off his chest......and he was relieved at the happy ending to my first scolding.......I, on my part know that this won’t be the last one either- sign of growing up!

Awareness always helps!

So my lesson from today’s incident- don’t carry the baggage and learn from your mistakes!

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