Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday! my dadee as she celebrated her birthday today with us in Gurgaon; while my dada, Renu bua, Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee, Ridhima didi and Rudra bhai celebrated in Dehradun.

We all went to the market (Gold Souk Mall) in the afternoon to buy my dadee her birthday present-a diamond ring. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of giving her a ring but my parent's persistence made her agree to it. Actually, it was my Renu bua's idea as she had told my papa about it yesterday. I was at my boisterous best at the Jewellery shop; I guess being a girl was the other reason apart from general excitement! Later in the night, my dadee would cut her birthday cake and I will be the first one to taste it.
Before I end this post, let me write few words directly to my dadee:

Dadee- As I can't speak yet; I want you to know through these words that I have a deep love and affection for you in my heart. My wishes for your good health, happiness and joy in this New Year and many years thereafter are always with you and I pray to God for that........

I have seen you taking care of me during these first formative months despite your back-ache; complaining not even once......I know it must have been tough for you to; ...... be with me in Gurgaon when your own daughter (my Renu bua) is in Dehradun for the treatment of her stomach ache after returning from Uganda for that reason only.............or, to let my dada live alone in Dehradun .........or, to leave comfortable climate of Dehradun for blistering heat of Gurgaon........all for my cause! I don’t know what to say about that.........

I can always say- I love you dadee!

Come wednesday and we all will be in, three more days!

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