Sunday, June 28, 2009

NewYork- New Movie Critique In Town?

Today’s post is bit different......Well, I am going to write a movie review of newly released Hindi movie "NewYork". Please note that the review is based on the post movie conversation between my parents, Sandeep uncle and Pallavi aunt while on our way back home.

But before I start, let me tell that this was my first movie outing; so I had no inkling of what was in store for me.

We reached Omaxe Mall after eating our dinner at Sandeep uncle's place. By the time we entered inside the movie hall, movie had already begun.

Upon entering inside, what I found was a pitch dark hall with a giant screen in front. The hall was packed with people who had their eyes glued to the screen. As soon as we found our respective seats, I also started looking at the screen with a look of amazement and would not take my eyes off it. With that, all the creases on my mom’s forehead vanished. Actually, mom was worried about my reaction to the deafening sound and the darkness inside the movie hall. I guess using small cotton balls as ear plugs helped.

The colour riot on screen was quite attractive and so was the music. It was kind of difficult to make me move my eyes off the screen. However, I did move from one lap to another......from Sandeep Uncle’s to Pallavi aunt’s to Mom’s to Papa’s and then back to mom’s. Soon thereafter my mom administered me my sleeping pill- her feed; and I would sleep comfortably for next 90 minutes to wake up only towards the end........

And now movie review part of the post lifted straight from the conversations in the car. They say that ending of the movie could have been better as killing Maya (Katarina Kaif) didn’t go down well with them. NewYork will go down as John Abraham’s best acting in his career till date. He looked quite well in his role of Sam. Katarina Kaif too has acted well. Finally, she has started dubbing for her own and it was good to hear her speak accented Hindi. Neil Mukesh has proven himself again after his sizzling debut performance in Johnny Gaddar and then you have an evergreen Irfan Khan in the role of a FBI officer.

The movie has been set in the backdrop of 9/11 twin tower tragedy and shows how that one strike changed the lives of everyone after the attack; especially those who had Muslim names.........The plot has been lifted from 1200 illegal detentions of Muslim by FBI after the tragedy. As a matter of fact most of those 1200 men were found to be not involved with any sort of terrorism. In the movie, happy go lucky trio of Maya, Sam and Omar too could not escape from the post tragedy troubles. Illegal detention of Sam and his subsequent torture by FBI for nine months turns him to terrorism. The torture scenes have been shot quite well and leave you with lot of sympathy for Sam and the route he took thereafter-at least that’s how my father felt. Abu Gharib prison in print comes alive on screen courtesy those shots...... In fact, Sam was shown to be first detained by a woman officer only. What stands out in the movie is the performance of Shilgey, an illiterate Muslim immigrant illegally detained by FBI- the way he describes his torture to Maya or the look of anger on his face when he sees NYPD guy search Maya is simply brilliant. Do watch out for those scenes in the movie. And then the gripping ending plot- you will simply love it.

Overall, NewYork is a fast paced movie and you won’t even get to know when it gets over. It is a complete team effort and everyone felt that movie will do well at the back-office. Go and watch it to understand the making of a terrorist out of a common man. It is always the state, stupid! Or you can say most of the times.....With that review is over.

Hey, I loved my first movie outing and is now looking forward to next....Kambhakt Ishq! So, watch out for this space for my next review.

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