Friday, June 12, 2009

Post From Dehradun

This post is coming from our Dehradun home. We reached here last night after driving for close to 9 hours; out of which 3.50 hours were spent in Delhi alone. But after crossing Delhi, my father picked up speed and covered the remaining distance to Dehradun in less than 5 hours; no less an achievement given the condition of NH-72 or Delhi-Dehradun highway. You know that highway is a great test circuit for testing attentiveness of a driver......a small lapse of concentration can prove to be fatal. After experiencing my first road-trip on NH-72; I am wondering if it is correct on my parent’s part to pay any taxes to the Government; perhaps not!

Best part of that road trip was the excitement I witnessed on my father’s face moments after he saw the glimpse of approaching mountains.......Now that reaction had something to do with genes! Arrey baba we are Garhwalis from Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand.

As soon as we entered inside Dehradun, my father told my mom to open the car- windows and feel the difference. Since I was sitting on my mom’s lap; I too got to feel it-a soft touch of gentle cool breeze on my face as against a slap on face like hot Delhi air. Don’t know why they are making me suffer Delhi summers........

When we reached home, my waiting dada opened the gate and hugged me..... As soon as I entered inside my home, my eyes got into searching mode looking everywhere.......Either they were searching for Gurgaon house in my Dehradun home or a more likely reason could be that it was my nostalgic moment; remember I had spent my first four months in my Dehradun home only.........

More from Dehradun later!

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