Thursday, June 4, 2009

Return Gift On A Monthly B'Day

Today was the day to celebrate my monthly birthday as I have completed seven months today. Since, Delhi is still reeling under the heat, my father opted for a Cashew Cream Ice-cream instead of usual chocolate cake.......My mom surrounded the ice-cream pack by seven candles and helped me slice through it.........Here is a picture of me holding knife ready to cut through the pack.... Have you noticed those candles......they are from Nainital and are older than me after having completed 3 years this summer.......

Knowing that they won’t give me ice-cream for reasons best known to them, I took it upon myself to eat a small bite..........have a look...... As no birthday is complete without any gifts; my dadee and my parents took me to the market and bought me two new dresses........

This post can’t end without mentioning about re-union of two friends after 17 long years.......Yes 17 years; and they have met courtesy this blog.......

Those two friends are my papa and Dipak uncle. Both of them formed part of a “Famous Five” at their school in Dehradun. After completing his class 12th, Dipak uncle’s family moved to Banaras. Couple of letters were exchanged but that too stopped after Dipak uncle joined Indian Air-Force..........All they were left with was memories of their school days and a friendship held hostage to lack of communication. Life continued to move on and so did both. But, lost communication links were restored this evening when Dipak uncle found this blog and left this should have seen the excitement on my papa’s face after he read it.......... they just spoke to each other over phone after Dipak uncle left his number in his second message. Who says that time machine is a man’s (women included) imagination! I just witnessed my papa travel back in time......23 years to be precise- it was then he had met Dipak uncle.........They now have to catch up on those 17 lost years of friendship..........

It makes me wonder if forces of the Universe helped this re-union! As, it was last Saturday only when my father mentioned Dipak uncle to one of his cousin in Forces........... He wanted to know from him if there is any way he can help track Dipak uncle............. “To locate one person in 1.5 million strong force is a tall order”- was his reply.......

“No it wasn’t Papa; now, that’s your return gift!”

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