Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Journey Of Thoughts In Sixty Minutes!

When confronted with a state of confusion or uncertainty, human mind and the thoughts it emanates tend to journey from one extreme to another in a flash; searching for that whiff of air of positivity. All along that journey, the unpleasant thoughts in mind outnumber the pleasant ones by a big margin.......Amidst prevailing confusion, all it requires for a mind to come back to a stage of sanity is a confirmation of facts, pleasant or unpleasant; it’s an altogether different matter that no one wants to hear or read anything unpleasant. As soon as facts emerge from the cloud of uncertainty, confusion evaporates and action time begins..........While, human mind readies itself to embark on yet another journey; the cycle continues.....

I witnessed one such journey yesterday evening after my papa returned home early from work. As soon as he had set himself to unwind, he received a phone call.......The voice on the other side was that of my Renu bua ...........she was crying .........crying because her doctor refused to hand-over her FNAC test reports to my dada. Fearing extreme, my bua called up my papa and told him to speak to my dada......My papa tried his best to comfort my bua instructing her to go to doctor........He, then spoke to my dada who told him that doctor wants to do my Renu bua’s ultrasound scans before handing over her reports. By then, my dada had already requested my father’s cousin to accompany my Renu bua to doctor’s clinic situated at a distance of 6 kilometres away from our Dehradun home.

And with that began concurrent waiting dada was waiting for my bua to reach clinic, Renu bua’s wait was to know the result of her tests, my dadee was waiting to hear about her daughter’s well-being, my papa was waiting for the telephone number of the concerned doctor so that he could speak to him............All along, every mind was journeying from one extreme to another; waiting anxiously...........And, it seemed as if moments ceased to have any end to it; endless! I was watching everything while seated on my father’s lap; completely helpless! My papa, although worried was getting his power from his belief and faith in his God. With prayers on his lips and finger on the phone keypad, he was dialling my dada waiting for the phone to be switched on........And when it did, the news from the other side was a comforting one. Nothing serious was what doctor said and everyone heaved a big sigh of relief......I could see the expression of thankfulness on my father’s face; God had answered his prayers.....

However, my bua will now have to choose between surgery for the removal of lump or a temporary relief in pain for a year or so by taking some injections...Another temporary solution, as per doctor is to go for second child........and, then go for permanent cure. Whatever decision she will take, my love and prayers will always be with her.......

Infact everyone's!

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