Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garbage Khana....

Garbage khana (I want to eat garbage)??????????????

What!!!!!!!!! Is that how you reacted to this statement of mine? So, you are no different than my parents as their reaction too was similar......Let me tell you what led to this statement....

I have a strange habit of eating anything that is lying on the floor....something, that my mom has failed to understand the reason for....My papa is also clueless as to how do I spot small pieces/crumbs from a distance especially when both my parents wear spects of -4 and above.......Anyways, as soon as they spot me picking and eating something off the floor, their first reaction is always same-"No Garbage hai" ........So, that repeated listening of "garbage" word for dirty things lying on the floor has made a quiet entry into my language repertoire........resulting in mine uttering that statement yesterday morning when my mom was trying to make me eat and papa couldnt stop laughing!!!

Well just a bit of explanation.....I can differentiate what is garbage and what is if and when I find my papa sitting on floor; I never treat him as garbage.....for that matter not even my far as I am concerned anything that is worthy of being thrown in the dust-bin is called "GARBAGE"...... And, I know I am right with that!

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