Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shaureeeeee- A Ritual

As soon as my papa came back home from work, my Rudra bhai complained to him that I had hit him on his head......When papa asked me if what bhaiya is saying is correct, I replied in affirmative.....and went a step ahead to show him as to how and where did I hit him ........ Expressing his displeasure, papa told me to say sorry to bhaiya.......Holding both my earlobes with my tender fingers while focussing my eyes on my Rudra bhai's face, I murmured a quick "shaureeeeee"..........Actually speaking saying sorry has now become a ritual after every hit or bite.......and mostly my mom, Rudra bhai and Ciya didi (Shreya- our landlord's 4 year old) get to be at the listening end of it.....

All our fights start on stuff like books, toys, doctor's instruments, bicycles etc etc.....And, if the division is not to my liking or if my Rudra bhai tries to bully me by not sharing his books or toys, I give my best to ensure that he gets his due everytime......... You might want to say that I am a short tempered girl but trust me it is just not that....It's just that I like to share my stuff with him but always lose my cool when he fails to return the gesture......And, whenever he does that, he always tries to run towards his room.......thus provoking me to resort to violent means.......Boy, you should see me that moment- a picture of extreme grit and determination on a mission- lower lip tightly pressed under upper one, right fist raised high with a resolve in eyes and running at full speed- with a solo purpose of catching hold of him......When successful, my Rudra knows what is in store for him next....... No wonder, his one liner hasn't changed in past few months- Mujhe behan se dar lagta hai meaning i am scared to my sister

Make no mistake, its not that my Rudra bhai doesn't know how to give it back ......and whenever he does that, he gives it in full.......... Besides, he has found an able ally in Ciya didi.......Both of them collude with each other to deny me my playing time/pleasure.......resulting in me resorting to my violent means to take on both..........Believe it or not, I do that with ease......

Last but not the least, I get lot of flak for being violent but until they change, there is no point in telling me to give up my, fights are continuing on a daily basis.....

But, one good thing is that we always kiss and make up after every duel!

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