Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quiet Monthly Birthday

I had a quiet monthly birthday as I completed 19 months yesterday. Unlike previous ocassions, I didn't get to cut a cake nor I lit any candles........For a change, my papa, who is serving his last month in the corporate world came back early......His ostensible reason was to take me on a drive to my favourite mall; but real reason was to replenish the depleting stock of groceries and buy me some dresses.......It's another matter that I also ended up buying shoes for myself.......Yes, you read it rightly so- I did bought a pair of my own choice.....My papa paid for two pairs- one was of my choice and other one was that of my mom's......Upon reaching home, I didnt wear the pair that my mom had chosen-reason???????? "it is tight" ......The one that I had chosen fits well; for obvious reasons!

I forgot to tell you about my birthday present; despite all the stonewalling by my papa. I wanted to buy a cricket bat at Reliance stores......but my papa wasn't ready as he had already settled the bill and the waiting queue was long- way too long to buy a 13 rupees bat......Later, my mom managed and I came out dragging my bat on the ground; smilingly so!

On more thing I forgot to write was that I now have a potty seat of my own- my birthday present by my thoughtful!!!!!!!!

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