Monday, June 21, 2010

Going To Haridwar

Very shortly, we will be leaving Dehradun for Haridwar to perform our Mundan ceremony......Unlike other communities, girls too have this activity performed on them in ours.....So, I too shall have my ceremony performed alongwith my Rudra bhai.....My mom can't wait to see my clean shaven head....And, she has bought some traditional dresses for the ocassion.....From today onwards, other fellow kids will not mistake my Rudra bhai as a girl as he too will sport a clean shaven head look.............My dada and dadee have already made arrangement at the Shanti Kunj Haridwar; where the ceremony is being performed....... This would be our first visit to Haridwar and needless to say that we are excited....

Earlier, we escaped Gurgaon heat to reach Dehradun on Saturday afternoon.......Weather Gods seemed to have welcomed our Dehradun visit as they opened the gates, it rained yesterday; and we enjoyed it a lot..........I walked in the rain for first time; kind of unheard in Delhi/Gurgaon with all the dust and heat.......

You know, Dehradun seems to do a lot in us as our activity levels here goes up several notches than that of Gurgaon......I didn't sleep for a minute throughout yesterday after waking up at 7 am.......My mom had a real hard time making me go to bed and could manage it only after 11.30pm........

We are getting late so I will sign off now.....

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