Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Don't Like To Eat!

Yes, you heard it right- I don't like to eat anything......And as it happens, my dislike for food is the biggest source of worry for my mom as far as I am concerned. She is clueless as to how do I manage to maintain my energy levels without eating proper food........ Her earlier ploy of playing rhymes on youtube is not working much these days, so she had to manufacture few more tricks- like making me eat while looking at passers-by from our balcony or by showing me ducks inside a nearby school's premises but what scores on top is her recent act of making me eat at a bus-stop while on our way back home....... They had stopped midway for a quick-bite at Karnataka Bhawan-an authentic south Indian eatery at Africa Avenue-ring road intersection. My mom was concerned as I had not eaten anything for at least 12 hours....And, when she failed this time as well, she took me to the bus-stop......and started counting number of buses and trucks passing by us-she knows that buses and trucks always fascinates me.....Soon, I joined her too in my own way- two-nine & three nine.........While I got busy counting the buses and pick-up trucks, she pushed few spoons of mashed banana, pomegranate juice and witabix into my mouth- and heaved a big sigh of relief!

My papa's contrarion view is that my mom did more damage than good; he feels that few spoons of mashed bananas was nothing in front of that huge dose of Delhi's vehicular fumes that I might have inhaled.......

But, my mom don't care as long as I am eating!

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