Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where Did My Hair Go?

"Mere baal kahan gaye?" (meaning where did my hairs go) was the first question I put before my mom after I saw my image in the car's rear view mirror......... But before that, I created so much ruckus that the barber uncle took more than 90 minutes to finish his task as against 4 minutes in case of my Rudra bhai......

Our hair cutting ceremony was performed in a mass ritual at Shanti Kunj, Haridwar with many other kids. Monday was an auspiscious day for conducting of religious ceremonies; no wonder we met Bela aunty(my mom's friend) and Sharad uncle (my papa's friend), both of whose families had come from Delhi and Dehradun respectively to perform similar ceremonies for their sons ......So, it all started with mass chanting of hymns followed by hair cutting ceremony in the open courtyard........As barber uncle was shaving my Rudra bhai's head, I remain seated on the stairs with a curious smile on my face.......An obedient child, that my Rudra bhai is, followed everyone's advice to the "T" and he had a bald look in no time......As soon as my turn came, I started crying and would do so for next ninety minutes......Everyone tried their bit but I was in no mood to give them any space whatsoever.....Incessant crying for ninety minutes made me sleepy; so my mom helped me sleep in the car......thus giving barber uncle an opportunity to finish his task........But in that process, not only did I sprain my neck but also got one cut on my head- not deep though......

We left for Dehradun soon afterwards; stopping midway for our lunch followed by airport visit to drop off my Ashu chacha.......

I shall be uploading few videos and pictures in the will love our bald look!

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