Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeenu Is Back....

Jeenu- my Rudra bhai is back in Gurgaon after spending close to 15 days in Dehradun.....He came back sunday afternoon and as soon as he entered, we both embraced each other, as if we were meeting after many many years........Shouting each other's name, we both got busy soon thereafter.......and, shades of our Gurgaon home started to change again........from playground to battleground to running track to cycling track and much much more....

It didn't take us long to re-discover our fighting spirits; an area where I have an advantage over my Rudra bhai- thanks to my age and my nasty bites.......he has few scars on his hand as a proof!

However, one thing that scores over everything else is our conversations......the topic ranges from shoes to clothes to bikes to our toys........it's another matter that one has to listen patiently to decipher the true meaning of our talks........My papa is planning to record some of them......well lets see when he does that!

For now, he is a busy man trying to set up his business and plan his days/weeks and months post 30th June......Well, he is retiring on that day from the corporate world to pursue his passion- I wish him good luck1

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