Monday, June 14, 2010

We Love To Dance!

My mom loves to dance and it seems that those dance stimulating genes of her have been transported into me in equal, if not more quantity.......with the result that if and when I hear music, I have to compulsorily tap my Rudra bhai too is no different's a pity that they dont care to back us........

But, despite our parent's disdain for our skills, we always make it a point to test and hone our dance skills, as & when we get an opportunity...... One such opportunity came our way yesterday night, when we went out for a dinner......Both of us knew that there is a pub next door, so our feet were naturally didnt take long for my papa to understand it; so he escorted us out of the restaurant........we knew where to run to, once out............ And, next moment, we were pushing the door of the pub.......Surprisingly, dance floor was empty- rain was to be blamed!.....ut who cares, if its empty or full.....all we need was music floor came back to life again, albeit for couple of minutes.......Just in case if you want to see us are few videos shot in night vision mode........

As I was not ready to come out, I sped away as soon as I came out of the pub....see

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