Friday, June 26, 2009

My Mom Says There Is

........a terrorist in the house; Who? Yes, its me or who else.....I have been branded a terrorist! What for? Read this:

After having learnt crawling, I now have my eyes set on achieving next milestone i.e. walking. In fact, I have already begun working in that direction by learning to stand on my feet, albeit with some outside help. I have also mastered the art of crawling and can crawl at an amazing speed. Does anyone of you know of any crawling race competition; if yes, do enrol me for that. I promise not to let you down. After all, I practise it daily; my father guess estimate is 3 kilometres crawling per day. This essentially means that my mom is always on her toes to keep a close vigil on my movements. I understand that this must be tough on her; especially because she has to take care of her office work as well...... Anyways, that’s the beauty of motherhood- makes one learn and perfect the art of multi-tasking.....So mom you should rather be thankful to me.

I am really enjoying this phase of my childhood as I can move at will and do not have to be confined to one bed. My playground has now expanded beyond my bed and covers every nook and corner of my house. It’s another matter that I have special affinity for few places like – one right underneath the kitchen top or, in front of the dressing mirror or, near modem table or shoe rack to name a few....... My mom is always struggling to figure out as to what is there in a shoe to be attracted to- she tends to lose her cool moment she sees a shoe in my hand........One request from you, please never ask for any old newspaper cutting from my father as shelf life of newspapers in our house has already gone down to close to zero........Courtesy me baba!

In past one month or so, I have also come to know the taste of sandals, shoes, wire, newspapers, mobile phones, cameras etc.....just see this:

Tell me how fair it is to be branded as a terrorist for doing all this?

Actually, I don't blame her as this dreaded word is a new universal phenomena- not localised anymore......So, even homes are not aloof to something that is universal now! Are they?

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