Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dance, Music, Travelling & Full Masti

........ has been the order of the day for past 4 days as I am busy attending my Anil mama's marriage functions; firstly in Delhi and now Dehradun.

His baraat (marriage procession) took place on 29th October. We joined the baraat in Delhi itself after it reached here on Thursday evening from Dehradun. Believe it or not, me and my Ridhima didi were the first ones to hit the dance floor at the bride's place. Both of us were dancing as if there will be no tomorrow. My papa had to request the DJ to switch it off for a minute to make us move from the floor. He didn't heed to his request in full and only lowered the volume- enough to break our rhythm. My Ridhima didi left after that as they had to do some last minute packing prior to their departure to leave for Uganda; they left yesterday night. I was in no mood to sleep and remained awake till 3 am in the morning.

Next morning, me and my mom left for Dehradun with the baraat (marriage procession) to attend the marriage reception on 31st- yesterday.

31st October again was about fun, dance and celebrations. Initially, I was bit hesitant to join the dance floor in the absence of my Ridhima didi; but gave in to my resistance soon only to find myself surrounded by tall boys dancing merrily. Well, my dance was more natural as it was not under the influence of liquor unlike those tall boys..... My papa will upload videos and pictures later as connection is not good here in Dehradun.

With marriage being over, my eyes are set on 3rd November.........2 more days to go......

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