Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outing To The Park

For a change Sunday gone by was different for two reasons; firstly my papa didn’t go to Dehradun for his spot scouting trips (something he is doing regularly every weekend over past 4 months with just one exception) and then more importantly he took me and my Rudra bhai out to the neighbourhood park. We took some time to cut loose as the Gurgaon greens were all new to us- you know we are only used to concrete, asphalt and cement in this city........

Then, my father threw a football at us and it took us no time to discover those hidden Ronaldo and Pele inside us.....

Our dribbling and running skills were tested to the limit....

Rudra bhai did a Maradona (remember "Hand of God")on me

It didn’t matter if it was Greens or no Greens; you got to pick it

Time to catch our breath as got tired of running....

Phone rang and I took it over from my papa- talking to my dadee

I don’t like to do the slides, I love climbing them.......

Those three pictures of me trying to climb the slide from wrong side is one of many dare-devil acts I love to indulge in!

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