Friday, November 27, 2009

Every Morning,......

.......a head peeps in through our bedroom door; sheepishly moving his lips , he murmurs - "Bobby (my mom's name) behan nin-neee (Is sister sleeping?)"

My mom- "Yes, behan nin-nee (sister is sleeping)"

Head moves out and the door is slammed on my mom; but makes enough noise to rattle me out of my sleep.....Mom pats my back and I go back to sleep.

Couple of minutes later, that head peeps in again and repeats the previous question; this time with much energy and conviction in his voice......

Mom repeats her answer and the door is slammed back on her; with much brutal force enough to rattle me, again. Refusing to sleep, I sit on my knees with my eyes staring at the door, for I know that the head will peep in again for the third time....

The door opens for the third time, head peeps in and seeing me up, bursts into joy; that grim-looking questioning face of previously failed two attempts gives way to an ear to ear smile. Matching his joy and excitement frame by frame, I get down off my bed...he too is running towards my bed .........hugging me, he exclaims- "Bobby, behan no nin-nee".......My Rudra bhai knows that he got successful in his third attempt and with that, we start our another day!

This is no one off incident but a story of every morning...... Surprisingly, repetition has failed to take sheen off this every morning splendor and joyous moments!

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